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Growth Of Medical Tourism Industry In India


India is widely known for medical treatments like Bypass, Surgery, Transplantation, Replacement, Rehabilitation Care and Palliative Care. The diseases that can be treated in India are Cancer, Heart Bypass, Knee & Hip Replacement, Dental issues, etc. The medical fields that India is known for are Oncology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, etc. The Ayurveda treatment is what attracts many of the tourists from various places as it is the best. The Medical Industry is booming and the numbers of hospitals have multiplied in the years. India, now, has many individuals who are qualified and certified doctors. The industry has space for not only doctors but for individuals involved in the industry like Medical Tourism Consultants, Facilitators, Medical Attendants, Pharmacists, etc. It is a vast industry with a current size estimate of about $ 3 billion. The tourist arrivals is estimated to be around 230, 000. This number is to double by 2018 at the size being $ 6 billion and with more tourist arrivals in fourfold the current number.

India has some of the best certified professionals and specialists involved in the industry that is making a lot of patients from the foreign land go to the country for all sorts of medical diseases. The main reason for the industry to expand is that the cost of the treatments is low and affordable when compared with other countries. People might think that spending much would give them definite positive results and will be quality assured but in India, the quality and results are both high and effective. Medical Treatments in India comes from the care that the doctors' show and they put in all their time and efforts to make every patient's life better. One can save money and complete the treatment within their budget. The Medical Tourists come from various places in different continents like Singapore, Nigeria, Russia, London, France, Indonesia, etc. India receives people from mixed cultures and even the Indians travel from one place to another depending on the kind of treatment and budget.

There are hundreds of hospitals in India and a few famous ones are Tata Memorial Hospital (Mumbai), Kovai Medical Center & Hospital (Coimbatore), Christian Medical College (Vellore), Fortis Hospital (Delhi), Apollo Hospitals (Chennai), Columbia Asia Referral Hospital (Bengaluru), Lilavati Hospital (Delhi), and the list goes on. The Apollo Hospitals is a multispecialty hospital and is well reputed, restructured and reliable. It has a group of hospitals that are dealing in different medical fields such as cancer, dental, heart, etc. They are spread of 25 cities in India and are continuing to maintain a record in the healthcare world. The hospitals offer services and facilities ranging from preventive, diagnosis, treatment, cure, consultancy, pharmacy, etc. and all hospitals have advanced and modernized equipment for the medical tourists who sort to India for achieving a healthy living.

With all these advantages, Cost and Professionals especially, makes India the best destination for Medical Tourism. Indians are very friendly and helpful. The hospitality offered by them makes one feel like they belong here and gives an elevated feeling. An added advantage is that India has many places that are famous among tourists and one can visit these places before or after treatment. Some popular tourist spots are Taj Mahal (Agra), Tirupati Balaji Temple (Andhra Pradesh), Ajanta Ellora Caves (Ajanta), Red Fort (Delhi), Gateway of India (Mumbai), Aureville (Pondicherry) Golden Temple (Amritsar), Qutub Minar (Hyderabad), etc. If one wanted to go on a trip and explore the real Indian Culture then they could visit places like Varanasi, Banaras, Nainital, Udaipur, Pondicherry, Haridwar, Rishikesh, Mathura, Thrissur, Allepey, etc.


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