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Visitor Guide to Astrakhan, Russia


On the banks of the Volga River, Astrakhan is a major city in southern European Russia and an interesting travel destination.

Astrakhan is a city in southern European Russia, located near the mouth of the Caspian Sea next to the Volga River. The city has had a long and intriguing history. Due to its location within the lush and fertile Volga Delta, this area was rich in plants and sturgeon which made it the perfect locations for the capitals of the Golden Horde and Khazaria.

Since these ancient settlements, the city evolved and became a Russian gate to the Orient in the 17th century. Merchants from India, Persia and Armenia have all settled here, giving the town a fascinating multicultural character. These days, it is an enticing travel destination with many interesting touristic and historical sites to visit.

Here are just a few of the fun activities you can enjoy in the city of Astrakhan, Russia.

Popular attractions to enjoy in the city of Astrakhan:

Astrakhan Kremlin Located on an island in the river, the Astrakhan Kremlin is an ancient fortress which was built during the conquest of the city by Ivan the Terrible in the late 16th century. The iconic bell tower of this building is one of the quintessential symbols of the city. As you walk through the fortress complex you can see the St. Nicholas Church Gate, the Archbishop Tower, and the Cathedral of the Assumption.

Ribnii Rinok If you enjoy fish, this traditional fish market is the place for you! It is located near to the train station, and you can find every kind of fish you can imagine including smoked and dried varieties. The prices are very affordable, so you can bring home some tasty fresh fish for your friends and family.

City Beach and Promenade Astrakhan also features a pleasant waterfront promenade, perfect for a leisurely stroll. As you make your way along this scenic walkway you will see people gliding by on roller-skates, couples walking hand in hand, and people enjoying the outdoor atmosphere. This is one of the prettiest places to hang out in the city.

Volga River Cruise What could be better on a warm summer day than a cruise down the River Volga? Many tour companies operate river cruises during the summer months from May to September. Some cruises even offer dining on board for a complete experience. You can float down the river on a relaxing boat ride and enjoy a different perspective on the city.

See a collection of images and videos from Astrakhan and enjoy exploring this beautiful Russian city.


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