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Easy Astral Travel Technique – The Easiest Way to Leave Your Physical Body


Everybody does his/her fair share of astral travelling. In other words, everybody travels in his/her astral body without being aware of it. However, if you are not aware of it, you miss all the fun. You can astral travel in full awareness thanks to some easy astral travel techniques. Your body will be fast asleep, but your mind will be wide awake, taking note of all that your astral body does and the experiences it has in the astral and physical realms. Here is an easy astral travel technique that has worked for many people; so it is sure to work for you too.


Relaxation is of paramount importance for successful astral travelling. Unless you relax completely, you will not be able to leave your body with awareness. So, find a relaxation technique that works for you and stick to it. Usually, practitioners follow the progressive relaxation technique. They contract and relax groups of muscles in turns, beginning from their toes and ending at their head.

You will know that you have successfully relaxed if your body feels heavy. Initially, you will find this uncomfortable and unbearable; but soon you will be used to it.

Breathe Deeply

Now focus on your breathing. Use a breathing technique that will not only relax you further, but will also make you calm and focused. As you relax further, fix your attention on the center of your forehead. Avoid falling asleep.


Your entire focus should now be on the heaviness of your physical body in comparison to the lightness of your astral body. Think of the physical body as being extremely heavy, as if it were made of lead or stone. Imagine the astral body to be extremely light as if it were made of bubbles, sunlight, flowers, or feathers. Imagine that it is rising higher as your physical body sinks lower.

Seeing Lights

Now, if you are doing this correctly, you should be able to see the room with your eyes shut. Your room will look as if it is bathed in purple light. If you can do this, focus your attention on the light bulb.

Leave Your Body

Imagine pulling the light bulb toward you. Instead of the light bulb coming toward you, you will feel yourself floating toward the light bulb. Avoid falling asleep and remain conscious. You will now become aware of your astral self pulling apart from your physical self. If you have done it correctly, you will be able to see your sleeping physical form.

You’ve done it! You have used this easy astral travel technique successfully. Your mind is now wide awake, but your physical body is fast asleep. You can now travel wherever you like and have the time of your life. This easy astral travel technique has even worked for people who have worked unsuccessfully with other techniques.


Source by Abhishek Agarwal


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