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Interesting Facts About Canada


Canada is a country in the North America that happens to be a popular tourist destination for the last decades. Surrounded by U.S in the south and the Arctic Circle in the north, it is a vast nation with a wide range of vibrant cities, alluring places and eye-catching spots. From lakes to mountains and forests to vast wilderness with great natural heritage, it has a treasure of breathtaking spots and attractions that can make you fall in love with this wonderland.

There are many things and facts that make Canada a stunning, unique and amazing destination, but there are some facts that are still hidden and quite interesting. Whether you have visited Canada or not, read about its hidden vistas and know it closely.

1. It got its name from a St. Lawrence Iroquoian: The name of this widely popular nation has been derived from the Iroquoian language's word, 'Kanata', which means a village or a settlement.

2. It is the second largest country in the world: The fact remains unknown till date but it happens to be the second largest country in the world after Russia.

3. It has the longest coastline in the world: Canada possesses a coastline of 151,600 miles, which is the longest in the world.

4. Its national flag was adopted in 1965: The country didn't have a national flag until its parliament adopted the maple leaf on the flag.

5. It holds the responsibility of 9% of the world's water supply: Canada adds to the 9% of the world's water supply that makes it a noble nation.

6. It has over 99% of literary rate: The literary rate of Canada is 99% that makes it one of the most developed nations in the world.

7. Its flag is always carried by the backpackers: The backpackers who belong to Canada always carry the flag of their country no matter where they go.

8. It is the founder of the game of Ice Hockey: Ice Hockey is the gift of Canada to the whole world, whose rules were published for the first time in the Montreal Gazette in 1877.

9. It is the largest producer of a popular dessert wine: Canada owns the pleasure of producing and serving the delicious dessert, Icewine.

10. It has only 1 desert: There is only 1 desert in Canada in its British Columbia region, which is 15 miles long.

11. It has the highest number of inland water lakes: Canada has more inland lakes than any country in the world.

12. It is not allowed to bargain in Canada: Bargaining is Canada is not allowed at all. A better price can never be got here.

13. It doesn't allow driving on the left side if you hire a vehicle: While hiring a vehicle in Canada, always remember to drive on the right side.

14. Its environment rules are very strict: While being in Canada, one needs to be extra careful of throwing or littering garbage on the road. Protecting the environment is very important here.

15. It shares the longest border with the U.S: The border between U.S and Canada is 1,538 miles, which happens to be longest border in the world.

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