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The Most Expensive Minicab Rides in the World


Snipers, road side bombers and grenade launchers are not things you usually associate with your average minicab ride but for contractors in Iraq these are real threats, which is why it is on our list of the most expensive minicab rides in the world.

Construction work in Iraq has become big business with Westerners being paid large sums to travel over to Iraq to help re-build its cities and towns. However with all the turmoil in this worn torn country it is not simply a case of jumping on a plane and starting work, you need serious close protection to make it safely to your destination. For almost £ 3,000 you receive an armored convoy with former military personnel armed with MP5 submachine guns, M16 rifles and AK47 assault rifles. The convoy normally contains a transportation vehicle accompanied by 1 or ideally 2 chase cars which are present to attack any assailants.

There are specialized kidnapping gangs which sell victims to terrorists for £ 150,000; Obviously this is a very attractive proposition to many, which is why the cab fare is so expensive. For a 10 mile trip from the airport the fare equals £ 300 per mile, easily making it one of the most expensive cab rides in the world.

Celebrity Cab Fares

What would you pay to get home if you were stranded? Its hard to put a figure on something like this without you are physically put in that situation; however it seems we know how much Monty Python actor John Cleese would pay. He recently spent $ 5,000 for a single minicab ride from Oslo, Norway to Brussels, Belgium. Mr Cleese who was being interviewed by Norway TV2 became stranded by the Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, with no other alternative but to take a minicab he paid the fare and took the 930 mile trip to Brussels. The minicab came with two extra drivers for the long journey.

The Latest London Minicabs

Cab fares could become rather expensive with the unveiling of new hydrogen powered black cabs. They deliver zero emissions making them very eco-friendly and have a range of 250 miles with a top speed of around 70 MPH. They also only take 5 minutes to refuel. It is not known how expensive they will be but other prototypes in Japan have been priced at around $ 300,000. There are 20,000 London minicabs so decreasing the carbon footprint of cabs is a very important issue. It is rented by 2012 there will be a fleet of 20 hydrogen powered taxis with more to follow.

Other Expensive Minicabs

Other expensive minicabs include Rolls Royce Phantoms in London which can be rented for a day for a cool £ 1,200 pounds, if you want to catch some of the sites in style. Interestingly enough London does not have the most expensive cabs in the world, Moscow does. In terms of extravagance Moscow has to take the top spot. It is not uncommon to spot £ 300,000 Maybach minicabs riding around as well as Porsches and Rolls Royce Phantoms. So next time you are in Moscow make sure you take a look what make of car it is before you jump in as it could seriously dent your wallet.


Source by Louise Goldstein


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