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Zambia – A Place For a Beautiful and Wild Honeymoon


Zambia, a landlocked country is famous for the adventures experience coming from wildlife activities and the striking river coasts adding a flavor of romance in the life of people visiting the place. This amazing country shares it's borders with Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Angola.. The fascinating capital Lusaka is located in the south-central part of the Zambia.

Best Time To Visit

Mostly in the dry season or hot weather when animals are more concentrated around rivers, is the best time to visit the place. Thus June to November is perfect period.

Places To Visit

This magnificent country is a home of various magnificent waterfalls, spectacular wildlife, terrific safaris, immense adventures, affluent culture along with welcoming people. But a few worth watching places are enlisted as under:

1. Victoria Falls

The country is said to be the home of Victoria Falls and it is an extremely admired tourist destination which is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The visitors can witness a waterfall twice higher than Niagara Falls and much longer, bigger and wider.

2. The Anglican Cathedral

This is situated in the capital city Lusaka. You will simply fall in love with the amazing site of this place which you can witness from the stained glass windows as well as marvel at the building's erudition. This is also regarded as the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.

3. Kafue National Park

It is one of the biggest parks in Zambia and a hotspot for the honeymooners. This national park allows you to have boating trip in the Kafue Rivers with manifold of great wildlife here.

4. Livingstone Island

This island is a place that you should not miss in any case as you can feel refresh with the dip in the Devil's Pool and can capture a picture with a permanent rainbow on the background.

Best Hotels To Stay

1. Chrismar Hotel

It is one of the new Livingstone hotel rendering best quality customer services with an affordable luxury.

2. Intercontinental Lusaka

It is a luxurious hotel situated in the diplomatic and government area offering you all the advanced amenities.

3. Bush Front Lodge

This is one of the most reasonably priced accommodations in Livingstone.

Undoubtedly it is an extraordinary place where beauty is mixed with wild. These great features make it a stunning destination for your dream honeymoon. The Republic of Zambia has various hidden secrets to spell bound you with the rich wildlife in southern Africa. From past number of years it has been occupied by the migrating tribes and hunter gatherers.


Source by Allen Cleveland


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